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Business Transcription Services

With the growth of communication, most conferences, classes, meetings or seminars to generate new ideas require appropriate documentation of procedures. While recalling everything about is close to inconceivable, recording the procedures can maintain a strategic distance from undue debate and contentions. The difficulties looked by most associations is finding an accomplice for translation administrations with prepared transcribers who can precisely interpret chronicles at a reasonable cost, and keep up abnormal state secrecy.

Datalnd interpretation group can deal with an extensive volume of translation without bargaining on quality.

Business Transcription Services That We Offer

Our business translation administrations incorporate interpretation for different procedures which incorporate -

Video or Audio Webcasts of Quarterly Earnings Calls - These gatherings will be checked on by investors various occasions and along these lines an exact and speedy content rendition is essential

Experts Calls - Analyst dialogs can be loaded up with specialized subtle elements and interpretation is vital for simple reference and utilize

Speculator Conferences - Transcribing sound or video of each financial specialist gathering is required to give duplicates to every one of the investors and partners.

Item Launch Conferences - During an item dispatch, a precise interpretation of the occasion is required to circulate among financial specialists, media and potential clients

Video chats - all in all, it is essential to have a composed record of meetings between individuals from the administration group for a few businesses and legitimate reasons

Our Business Transcription Process

Transfer Files: Customer sends Audio/Video documents by means of FTP/VPN/email/Cloud-based exchange

Work Assignment: Documents alloted to Transcription for survey and estimation

Undertaking Approval: Necessary Documents Signed

Decipher Files: Sound/Video documents interpreted by interpretation group in view of Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Quality Check: Datalnd Quality Assessment (QA) group guarantees precise and blunder free transcripts

Last Delivery: Last transcripts conveyed to the customer in MS-Word by means of email or cloud-based exchange

The Benefits of Outsourcing Business Transcription Services to Datalnd

To keep up composed records of all discussions relating to lawful, budgetary and promoting discourses of associations, organizations can outsource business translation to Datalnd and get various advantages.

Proficient Business Transcribers - The transcribers at Datalnd know about the terms and language utilized by business companies. All transcribers have at least 5 long periods of involvement in their individual fields and can deal with extensive volume work without bargaining on quality

Multilingual Transcriber - The translation group at Datalnd incorporates multilingual transcribers with mastery in French and Spanish, empowering us to take into account different customers over the globe.

Quick Turnaround - We have numerous conveyance focuses on various nations that empower us to finish and convey extends in short time periods - with a regular turnaround time of 24 hours.

Superb Transcripts - The QA group performs strict quality checks to guarantee all transcripts are exact and blunder free. All transcripts have a precision level of over 98%

Information Security - We consent to secrecy arrangements for lawful consistency and keep up reinforcement of all source records and last transcripts for simple recovery if there should be an occurrence of information misfortune

Adaptable Pricing - We have an adaptable evaluating structure that is uniquely intended to suit spending plans of various customers. Our costs depend on 'every moment', 'per sound', and 'per video'

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