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Litigation Process

At Datalnd , we take after a stringent procedure to guarantee that we provide our clients with capable and great prosecution administrations. Our case administrations process takes after an organized and trained methodology. We have shaped our prosecution services process in light of our long stretches of involvement in giving suit administrations to our worldwide clients.

All the suit ventures at Datalnd take after a point by point arranging and handling methodology. Our capable case process guarantees exactness, capability, and consistency in the case benefits that we give. Our suit administrations process depends on our long stretches of involvement in coding in excess of a million pages for a substantial number of worldwide clients.

1. Datalnd’s Legal Coding Services Process

For legitimate coding administrations, we take after a productive procedure. Our group of prosecution coders would initially make an accessible database from the substance of the archive. Since information is the backbone of any business, it is basic that this information ought to be efficient. The procedure starts without prosecution group first outwardly analyzing different reports and separating pertinent data. Our suit administrations process guarantees that your reports will be effectively accessible from a database.

At Datalnd , we give two kinds of legitimate coding administrations. Our legitimate coding administrations incorporate target coding administrations and emotional coding administrations.

Datalnd’s Objective Coding Services: Our case administrations group will initially make a record of target rundown information from an archive. They would likewise incorporate dates, the name of the creator, the name of the beneficiary, the title, and other applicable data.

Datalnd’s Subjective Coding Services: For emotional coding administrations, we record the reports in light of abstract information. We, as a rule, take such information from layouts or from abstract readings of a man educated about the specific subject. In abstract coding, it is simpler to determine factors, for example, the significance of the report, record date, archive compose, creator, beneficiaries, duplicates and so on.

Outsource case administrations to Datalnd and advantage from expanded efficiency and decreased working expenses.

2. Datalnd’s  LDD/Unitization Process

For our LDD/unitization administrations, we take after a capable procedure of recognizing the sensible breaks between archives. Our case administrations group would figure out where an archive starts and closes and would likewise decide the relationship to the past or ensuing record. Our experts would decide the record limit in view of an emotional survey of the reports.

The achievement of a coding procedure depends to a great extent on intelligent record assurance. At Datalnd , we guarantee that we give skilled, exact and steady unitization by following an all around organized preparing convention. Every single venture at O2I is broke down by an expert prosecution administrations group and an accomplished task chief.

Datalnd’s LDD/Unitization Process incorporates four fundamental sections which are as per the following.

  • Report and extension customer expectations
  • Unitization
  • Quality Control
  • Quality Assurance

Be it basic, intricate, extensive or little undertakings, we can viably meet your prerequisites as our lawful coding procedure and unitization process can achieve exact, capable, exact and reliable outcomes.

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