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Event Registration services

Consider dealing with an occasion like marathons, which support a reason. Occasions of this extent, for the most part, include a large number of members, a few supporters, and a large number of dollars in a gift from different sources.

We can manage the enrollment, gift preparing, benefactor information handling and receipts for members and supporters of enormous raising support occasions. Our work likewise includes dealing with the data assets. We gather and process gifts utilizing far-reaching contributor database following and receipt issuing frameworks.

What services do we give?

Gift Processing - Clear mail station boxes, open mail, and bank gifts.

Far-reaching review framework to guarantee exact record keeping - Credit card gifts prepared by means of our web-based managing an accounting framework for a small amount of the cost, for the most part, brought about for this capacity. Receipts are issued and sent to the contributor.

Contributor Tracking - We have broad involvement in database service and guarantee that you get the best outcomes from your database. A philanthropy's whole activity relies upon great service of their contributor database. Our auspicious reaction to gifts (receipts sent in a fast form) and request in addition to exact record keeping, keep up contributor certainty to guarantee future gifts to the philanthropy. We track which crusade every contributor took an interest in and reacted to. This enables us to evaluate reactions for future crusades.

Factual Analysis - We can examine your benefactor database to guarantee that your telemarketing and mail battles yield the best outcomes.

Mailing Fulfillment Services - Extractions of information are done to frame mailing records. Utilizing our broad laser imaging, inclusion, and mail house offices, we execute customized mailings to your prospects.

Through these services we filter vow structures and applications, store checks, process Visas, and give the customer bank store receipts, examined pictures, keyed names and addresses, and the devices to turn upward and recover this information and pictures from a focal storehouse.

These services are not simply confined to occasion enlistment. The foundation, security, clustering and review instruments used to process this data is likewise basic to numerous regions of relationship service, bookkeeping, arrange to handle, and archive service.

These incorporate -

•          Accounts receivable services

Application frames for:

  • Subscriptions
  • Credit
  • Membership
  • Education
  • Insurance
  • Rebates, and then some

Shouldn't something be said about Data Protection and Privacy?

We have a strict security arrangement, which does not enable us to reveal any of the data given to us, without the assent of our clients. We have strict safety efforts set up including an Enterprise Access System for representative login, non-exposure and classification assertions marked by representatives, anchored VPN and firewall, and also workstation security. Other than our own safety efforts, we additionally cling to every one of the tenets and directions determined by our clients.

In what capacity will it

A strong correspondence process, which will dependably keep you on the up and up, a free preliminary to build up profitability, quality, and turnaround time, an all-around qualified group to execute your prerequisites, and gifted venture service and upkeep, will all be a piece of your outsourcing background. We are solid, financially savvy, and experienced

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