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Data Entry Services

Information passage exercises should every now and again be facilitated in light of the fact that the recorded information is required for basic business tasks and getting ready solicitations and refreshing databases. The way of entering information is likewise tedious and expects scrupulousness. To enable organizations to address these difficulties, we give seven redid information section administrations. The information section process is moreover affected when the activities of offices, backups, and customers include various dialects and time zones. Notwithstanding when all information passage errands are confined, the procedure normally works concentrated and exorbitant - regularly keeping key representatives from achieving high-need assignments.

To enhance the whole information section process, you can outsource all undertakings to the expert group of information passage masters. Our committed and experienced information administration group makes it feasible for you to decrease work costs and enhance turnaround times.

Information Entry Services We Offer

We have been the main supplier of information passage administrations to its worldwide demographic for over 10 years now. We comprehend the customer's prerequisites easily and give the administrations appropriately. Here is a portion of the particular information section administrations offered by us

1.         Image Annotation Services

We comment on pictures to reflect catchphrases, subtitles, and other metadata to enhance the precision of web crawler results and picture recovery in databases.

2.         Volume Data Entry

We perform high-volume information passage for continuous assignments and one-time prerequisites.

3.         Online Data Entry

We finish information passage errands including on the web databases, worksheets, and item postings on retail sites.

4.         Real Estate Data Entry

We record genuine property information that incorporates property postings, examinations, and home loans.

5.         Food Nutrition Scale Data Entry

We enter data required for specific sustenance nourishment databases to enable customers to enhance item marks and conform to administrative prerequisites.

6.         Customized List Making and Email Mining

We help customers in incorporating refreshed and altered contact records and enhancing information mining including email addresses.

7.         Internet Research

It enhances web look exercises by consolidating information section with other information administration needs, for example, information checking, information extraction, and information change when required by customers.

Advantages of utilizing us as Data Entry Services

•          Skilled and Experienced Data Entry Professionals - The information passage experts are in quick and exact, as well as has a decent comprehension of different businesses.

•          Use of Advanced Technologies - The information passage experts utilize OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) advances to perceive content and characters from computerized pictures, checked archives, and so on and change over them into an editable organization. This innovation empowers proficiency, and by and large, guarantee decreased expenses to the customer

•          Guaranteed Connectivity - Connectivity assumes a fundamental part in information section administrations and we use 50mbps Internet T1 lines from different specialist organizations to guarantee the consistent stream of information all day, every day.

•          Data Security and Confidentiality - we guarantee that lone approved staff approach your documents. We utilize FTP or VPN for document exchange to guarantee information security. Moreover, we keep up reinforcement of all documents for simple recovery of data if there should be an occurrence of information misfortune.

•          High-Quality Services - The Quality Assurance (QA) group at O2I plays out different quality checks to guarantee that all information section ventures meet the customer's normal quality measures and have a precision level of over 99%.

•          Pricing - our valuing structure is uniquely intended to suit the financial plan of our customers. Experience at least 60% cost funds. Our rates are straightforward and depend on "per venture" and "every hour". We additionally give FTE (full-time equal) rates.

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