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Wedding photo processing

Lately, picture takers have reluctantly turned out to be computerized altering specialists as well. Spending extended periods at the PC on dull post handling work, it gets much more furious when they are wedding picture takers. The normal number of photographs at a solitary wedding can run anyplace between 1500 to 2000 photographs - and everybody is endeavoring to give their best edges!

It is a broadened 'post preparing arm' to picture takers and we flawlessly deal with wedding photograph post handling. With wedding photograph altering and post preparing service s, wedding picture takers would now be able to invest less energy before the PC and work more behind the focal point to get quality prints

Wedding Photo Post-handling Services We Offer

We offer a scope of service s that make life simpler for wedding picture takers. We give top-quality wedding picture altering inside a short turnaround time of unimportant 24 hours, including winnowing. Be that as it may, the course of events may reach out with particular altering needs. These incorporate -


  • RAW Image Conversion Services - We offer the straightforward change of huge volume wedding pictures from RAW organization to jpg, tiff or some other indicated record design with no altering or picture upgrade.


  • Wedding Photos Editing Services - We cover different levels of altering as a major aspect of our Digital Wedding Photos Editing Services.


  • Rough Editing - With normal tallies of 1500 to 2000 photographs, harsh altering a wedding shoot is a tedious procedure for any picture taker. We offer harsh altering service s to enable you to choose the best pictures in light of individuals in the edge, the dispositions and minutes caught and the nature of the pictures, remembering the last number asked for by the client.


  • Detail Editing - The group can make a plunge at the profound end taking the quick and dirty of detail altering and end-to-end wedding photography post preparing work totally off your hands. We draw on an assortment of procedures, for example, -
  • Color redress and upgrade
  • Density redress
  • Noise decrease
  • Image honing and alterations in presentation
  • Balance, Saturation, and Contrast
  • Level altering, avoid and consumer systems
  • Edit imperfections and foundations


In actuality, we do everything that it takes to send back brilliant jpegs that are certain to enchant your clients.

Artistic Editing our master wedding photography picture control group does aesthetic altering of your wedding pictures. Our imaginative altering service s incorporate -

  •             Monochrome Conversions
  •             Sepia Conversions
  •             Black and White Conversions
  •             Special impacts

•          Digital Album Design Services - As a feature of our Album Design Services we alter and sort out photographs and outline your advanced collection pages. Beginning outlines can be either sent to you by means of FTP or transferred onto any web-based survey webpage or private photography lab on the web for endorsement and remarks. We join proposals and changes and send the last yield as layered Photoshop documents.

Advantages of computerized picture

•          Spend less time on post preparing and more on shooting

•          Avoid overabundance amid surge season

•          Take a favorable position of the most recent advances and devices without putting resources into them

•          Retain Your Personalized Editing Style in each edge

•          Leverage the one-stop answer for wedding video altering and post preparing

•          24/6 work shifts guarantee adherence to 8-Hour/12-hour pivot time

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