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Medical Billing and coding

It can enable you to profit from all the previously mentioned benefits with no problems. As our client, your medicinal office can gain admittance to quality restorative coding and charging, while at the same time lessening your current working expenses by no less than 40%. Our conclusion to-end therapeutic charging and coding arrangements can address every one of your issues, from following up on pending medicinal cases, to getting explanations behind denied claims, following receivable adjusts, or starting accumulations.

Human services office charging and coding

•          Save on framework related (equipment and programming) costs

•          Minimize your present charging and coding costs by an incredible 40-60%!

•          No need to pay for worker advantages or representative truancy

•          No charging and coding staff turnover

•          Eliminate the need to prepare new assets

•          Experience an intense decrease in refusals with precise information administration

•          Get quicker repayments with precise preparing and accommodation of cases

•          Benefit from zero charging blunders

•          Get fewer refusals with mistake-free claims

•          Improved and enduring income



The extreme decrease in the number of disavowals - Flaws in coding or mistakes in information is the fundamental driver for claims getting denied. With the gifted charging and coding group dealing with your cases, you will see a sharp decrease in the number of dissents in only a couple of days.

1.         Regular reports - Our group will keep you refreshed about the status of your cases, by furnishing you with day by day, week by week and month to month advance reports. The reports will incorporate insights into efficiency, technique code examination, projections, and pending issues, assuming any.

2.         Process-driven approach - We take after a procedure that incorporates steps, for example, Insurance Eligibility Verification, Patient Demographic Entry, CPT/ICD-10 Coding, Charge Entry, Claims Submission, Accounts Receivables Follow-up, Payment Posting, Denial Analysis, and Accounts Receivables Management.

3.         Customized arrangements - We are extremely adaptable and can furnish you with redid medicinal charging and coding administrations to meet your particular necessities.

4.         Medical charging and coding for fluctuated fortes - At O2I, we have skill in working with numerous claims to fame, for example, microbiology, ophthalmology, radiology, aspiratory, obstetrics and gynecology, nervous system science, anesthesiology, cardiology, basic care, endocrinology, crisis medical procedure, general medical procedure, and gastroenterology, among others.

Get Our Experts to Work for You

One of our real differentiators is our talented group of charging and coding specialists who have inside and out information and hands-on involvement in working with Medicare, HIPAA, and Medicaid controls. Our group has an exhaustive comprehension of procedural and symptomatic coding, creditor liabilities administration and electronic restorative cases accommodation.

Our gifted restorative charging and coding specialists are capable with -

•          ICD-10, CPT and HCPCS codes crosswise over various claims to fame

•          Payer-particular restorative coding necessities

•          Governmental, administrative and protection necessities

Our ensured therapeutic coders (CPC) keep themselves refreshed with always showing signs of change inclines in the medicinal business, particularly in ICD-10, CPT and HCPCS codes. We likewise remain current with the most recent renditions of restorative coding programming, for example, Encoder Pro and Flash Code.

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